Keys, South Florida report up to an inch or more of rain

(Image credit: NWS-Miami)

THURSDAY UPDATE: Significant rainfall soaked the Keys overnight Wednesday and into Thursday morning, according to the citizen observation network CoCoRaHS.

An observer in Key West reported 1.60 inches; an observer in Lower Sugarloaf Key checked in with 1.18 inches; and a CoCoRaHS member in Islamorada found 0.98 of an inch in the backyard bucket.

Peninsula rainfall totals from the National Weather Service (24 hours): Miami Shores, 1.09; North Miami, 0.78; Hollywood, 0..56; Lantana, 0.50; Miami, 0.49; Fort Lauderdale, 0.45; West Palm Beach, 0.20; and Naples, 0.06.

Up to a quarter of an inch fell in parts of inland Collier County, with up to a third of an inch falling in southern Palm Beach County.

A few hundredths of an inch fell in Central Florida and as far north as Lake City. The panhandle remained dry.


WEDNESDAY POST: West Palm Beach and Naples managed to squeeze 0.02 and 0.05 of an inch of rain, respectively, out of Tuesday’s somber skies, the first rainfall of the year. But Miami and Fort Lauderdale remained dry, with just a trace of rain wetting windshields as a frontal system lingered over the area.

Actually, there was some measurable rainfall on the West Coast from Marco Island up to Port Charlotte; and on the East Coast from around Hollywood up to southeastern Brevard County.

The winner of Tuesday’s precip sweepstakes was East Naples, where 0.28 of an inch fell, according to the citizens observation network, CoCoRaHS.

The new forecast issued Wednesday by the National Weather Service in Miami called for as much as 0.65 of an inch falling from the central Everglades up to Boca Raton — and much of that will likely fall late tonight and during the wee hours of Thursday morning.

Another cold front is forecast to push all the precip out of the way by the weekend, after which highs will only be in the mid-60s in South Florida, low 60s in Central Florida, and upper 50s in North Florida.

Sunny or partly sunny conditions should be the rule over the weekend, but the Weather Service is calling for cloudy skies late Sunday into Monday. In fact, Monday’s forecast for Martin Luther King Day — which caps a three-day weekend for many people — is for clouds and highs struggling to hit 70.

A day that probably will not make it into the state’s tourism brochures.

Author: jnelander

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