Naples posts earliest 90-degree day on record

Naples record

(Image credit: NWS-Miami)

Tuesday was the first official 90-degree day of the year in Florida as Naples checked in with a high of 90 — the earliest 90-degree day on record for the city. Previously, the earliest 90-degree day in Naples occurred on February 19 of last year.

It was the first time Naples hit that summery mark since November 7. The last time Miami hit or topped 90 was on November 1.

The normal high in Naples for this time of the year is 78. The normal high doesn’t hit 90 in Naples until June 6.

There have been several unofficial 90-degree days, mostly in the inland areas of Collier County. And Orlando came close on February 13 — but no cigar — with a high of 89.

Tuesday’s 90-degree high in Naples smashed the previous record high for the date of 86, set just two years ago in 2018.

Other record temps around the state:

RECORD HIGHS (TIED): Orlando, (87); Tampa (84); St. Petersburg (83); Lakeland (86) and Leesburg (86).

RECORD WARM LOWS (SET OR TIED): Orlando (65); Sarasota (66); Leesburg (67); Miami (74); Fort Lauderdale (75); West Palm Beach (74); and Key West (78). In the case of Key West, the 78-degree low beat the old record of 77 set just one year ago.

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