Record temps on Florida’s East Coast; talking may drive you buggy, researchers say

WCFL highs

TOASTY TEMPS TO START THE WEEK: Interior areas of West-Central Florida should see highs in the mid-80s on Monday, according to the National Weather Service. (Image credit: NWS-TampaBay)

Record warm nighttime temperatures are popping up once again on Florida’s East Coast.

Sunday’s low at Marathon in the Keys was only 76 degrees, which tied a record warm minimum for February 10 — which was set just a year ago.

A record warm minimum temperature was also recorded at Vero Beach — 68 degrees, tying a mark set 37 year ago in 1982. Orlando tied a record warm minimum with 65, matching a mark set in 1990; and Sanford also bottomed out at 65, tying a record warm temperature record set in 1982.

RAINFALL REPORT: North-Central Florida and Northeast Florida were slammed with another round of rain Sunday, with some areas picking up around a half- to three-quarters of an inch.

Melbourne reported record rainfall with 0.76 of an inch. That was good enough to beat the previous record for February 10 of 0.61 of an inch, set in back in 1983.

February is typically one of the driest months of the year in Florida — it’s the absolute driest in South Florida — but a series of stalled cold fronts have been making this February an exception. The timing is good, since the East Coast and some interior areas had been building toward serious drought conditions since last fall.


SPRING SNEAK PEEK: The Old Farmer’s Almanac expects a wet spring in Florida. “While heading to the beach in April may sound like a good idea, the God of Thunder may have other plans,” The Almanac says in its forecast.

NOAA’s spring forecast will be issued a week from Thursday on February 21. It’ll include separate forecasts for March and one for March, April and May.

For now, NOAA is sticking with its prediction that Florida will be cooler and wetter than average the last week of February and the first week of March.


WHAT’S THE BUZZ? If you’re sitting outside on your patio without a screened enclosure you may want to keep the noise down — and not just to appease your neighbors. It turns out mosquitoes can hear humans from 32 feet away, researchers have discovered.

A conversation in Florida may be akin to ringing a dinner bell, although there’s no definitive proof that human voices cause the pesky bugs to home in on people, according to the study by Cornell University and Binghamton University.

“The insects are known to pick up sensory cues such as carbon dioxide, odors and warmth to locate people,” Cornell says in a news release. “But the results do show an intriguing correlation ….”


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