After mid-week chill, close to 80 by Sunday, forecasters say

cfl thursday am temps

Central Florida Thursday morning temps were “a tad chilly,” the National Weather Service said on Facebook. (Image credit: NWS-Melbourne)

“Okay, campers, rise and shine and don’t forget your booties ’cause it’s cold out there today!” (Yup, that’s from the movie Groundhog Day — Punxsutawney Phil’s mid-winter extravaganza is just 23 days away.)

Thursday morning temperatures were uniformly cool over almost the entire state, with upper 30s to low 40s stretching from the panhandle over to Jacksonville, and down into interior areas of Central and even South Florida. Exceptions were the southeastern coast and the Keys.

keys temps

It was a little warmer in the Keys …. (Image credit: NWS-Key West)

It was in the mid-50s in the Upper Keys and the low 60s in the Lower Keys, including 62 in Key West, according to Weather Underground.

It was around 50 in the Palm Beaches, the low 50s in the Fort Lauderdale area and most of Miami-Dade County, with mid-50s in Miami Beach.

Upper 40s to near 50 covered Southwest Florida but there were lots of the low 40s in interior portions of South Florida.

An observer just outside Okeechobee reported a temperature of 31, but in nearby Sebring it was 46.

Mid-40s stretched from the Tampa area over to the Treasure Coast, and it was 45 in Orlando.

There were a few upper 30s in North-Central Florida 30 in the Lake City area and upper 30s to low 40s in the Jacksonville area.

nfl wind chills

North Florida wind chills had a bit of a bite on Thursday morning. (Credit: NWS-Jacksonville)

The National Weather Service reported that the temperature dipped to 49 just before sunrise in West Palm Beach, which will be the likely low for the day — that’s 8 degrees below average. Miami International Airport reported 53 and Fort Lauderdale fell to 52.

A warm-up is in the works for the weekend — the forecast high in South Florida on Sunday is around 80 — before another cold front sweeps through and knocks temperatures back to slightly below normal again for the first part of next week. Tampa and Orlando should be in the upper 70s on Sunday, slightly cooler in Daytona Beach.

The weather pattern over the next 10 days will be pretty mundane for mid-winter, according to the National Weather Service. No great warm-ups, no drastic cold snaps. Forecasters Thursday morning were predicting a “relatively zonal mid and upper-level flow with periodic shortwave troughs associated with the northern branch of the jet stream occasionally pushing cold fronts through the eastern [U.S., which] will continue into next week.”


DROUGHT UPDATE: Moderate Drought conditions expanded again to include all of the southern Florida peninsula, including Mainland Monroe and most of Collier County, as well as southern Miami-Dade County, the U.S. Drought Monitor reported Thursday.

Abnormally Dry conditions encompass a swath of Central Florida, including Lee County on the West Coast and areas north and west of Lake Okeechobee.

Some areas of South Florida area already almost an inch behind normal precipitation levels for this point in January — 10 days into the month.


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