Vero Beach sets all-time record warm low

Other records matched or broken from Daytona Beach to Key West

Another round of record hot morning lows were posted up and down Florida’s East Coast Friday.

Vero Beach reported a low of 81 — the warmest low temperature ever recorded in the Treasure Coast city since records began in 1942. It beat the previous record warm low of 80 set 65 years ago in 1952.

Miami’s overnight low was only 83, breaking the record of 81 set in 2007 — and tying the mark for the warmest low ever recorded in July, according to the National Weather Service.

Melbourne’s low on Friday was 83, which smashed a 47-year-old record for the date of 80, set in 1970.

It only made down to 84 in Key West, tying a mark previously set in 2014.

And a record warm low was also set Friday in Daytona Beach– 78, tying the mark set in 1977.

Look for more records to be set over the weekend. Palm Beach International Airport’s apparent low on Saturday was 82, which would tie a record set in 2010. Saturday’s apparent low was also 82 at Miami International.

Why all the records? Water temperatures are cooking off Florida’s East Coast. They are running at about 86 degrees off Miami Beach. With easterly winds continuing to push in off the Atlantic, coastal temperatures don’t have much of a chance to drop overnight.


Above, water temperatures are unusually warm in the Atlantic — and rising in the Gulf of Mexico as mid-July arrives. (Credit: NOAA/  NESDIS) Below, the National Weather Service preps for a Sunday hurricane program in Marathon directed at boaters in the Keys. (Credit: NWS-Key West)

Hurricane seminar


Author: jnelander

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