Florida cities continue to buck steamy June temperature trends

5 day SF forecast

Rain chances are forecast to increase in South Florida as the week progresses. (Credit: NWS-Miami)

It’s hot — but some Florida locations could see a below normal June for the first time in three years.

June’s first three weeks in West Palm Beach featured 11 days with temps at or below normal. Through Saturday, the average high was still below May’s pace of 87.1 degrees.

Saturday’s high of 90 in West Palm was only the fourth day with temps in the 90s, compared to June 2016, which had 16 days at 90 degrees or warmer. The last June with widespread below normal temperatures in South Florida was 2014.

Miami has had 11 days at 90 or better this month, with six of them coming in the last week. Incredibly, Fort Lauderdale has had only two days of 90-degree temperatures through Saturday — June 1 and June 8.

Naples has had 10 days at 90 or warmer, with eight of them occurring since June 17.

In Central Florida, Vero Beach has had five days at 90 or hotter; six in Melbourne, five in Daytona Beach, and nine in Orlando, where overall June temperatures are still running almost 2 degrees below average for the month.

Average monthly Tampa temps climbed over normal for the first time this weekend, but Fort Myers is still running about a half-degree on the cool side.

The mid-week rain event for the Florida peninsula is coming into focus, and with cloud cover and precipitation month-ending temperatures could be capped again.

As a cold front stalls over North-Central Florida, precipitation chances jump from Tuesday through Friday before things start clearing out a bit for the holiday weekend, according to forecasters.

Weather Underground is predicting around a half-inch of rain for southeastern Florida from Tuesday through Friday, just enough to keep the hibiscus blooming.

Areas west and north of Lake Okeechobee could be in for more than 3 inches of rain over the same period, NOAA’s Weather Prediction Center suggests.

Eastern Atlantic waves

Healthy tropical waves continue to roll off the coast of Africa, as Sunday’s satellite image shows. (Credit: NOAA)

TROPICS TALK: The National Hurricane Center shows a quiet forecast map for  the Atlantic over the next five days, and the major models don’t have anything spinning up in the next week to 10 days. The Canadian model (CMC) has a weak low moving into South Florida from the Bahamas on July 4, but that is not supported by any other forecast models.

There is an impressive train of tropical waves coming off the coast of Africa. However, wind shear in the tropical Atlantic’s Main Development Region is high, according to the University of Wisconsin analysis, ranging from 40-50 knots.

The immediate eastern Atlantic off Africa seems somewhat conducive to development, but any wave that tries to get going would quickly run into very hostile conditions.

RECORD WATCH: The low in Miami Saturday was 82, tying the record warm minimum mark for June 24 set in 2015, according to the National Weather Service in Miami.


Author: jnelander

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