Miami heat index hits 102; more sizzling temps in weekend forecast

Panhandle rainfall

CINDY SOAKS SOUTH: The western Florida panhandle was bracing for flooding rains from Tropical Storm Cindy on Thursday morning. Cindy was forecast to produce 3-6 inches with isolated amounts of up to 12 inches in eastern Texas, western and central Louisiana, and southern and eastern Arkansas through Friday morning, the National Hurricane Center said. The season’s third named storm blew ashore near the border of Louisiana and Texas around 5 a.m.  Pensacola had 0.61 of an inch of rain through 7 a.m. with a top wind gust of 32 mph. (Image credit: NWS-Mobile)


Florida’s famous summertime heat looks locked into place for the weekend.

Heat index values will hit 105 degrees in interior and West Coast areas, the National Weather Service in Miami said. But the heat index was already reaching double digits — even on the East Coast — on Wednesday.

The temperature in West Palm Beach at 5 p.m. Wednesday was 89, but with a dew point of 76 it felt like 100 degrees, according to the National Weather Service. Higher dew points in Miami and Fort Lauderdale made it feel like 102 degrees, and the heat index in Naples was 103.

Surf temperatures off the East Coast are running at around 82 degrees, so record warm lows are being matched or set. Tuesday’s low in Miami was 82, breaking the previous mark for warmest minimum temperature set 97 years ago in 1920.

Palm Beach International Airport dipped to 81 on Tuesday, crushing the previous record of 79 set in 1993. And it was 80 in Naples, beating the old record warm minimum mark of 79 set in 1968.

Wednesday’s low in Vero Beach was 80 — beating the old record warm minimum set in 2006 by 3 degrees. It was also 80 in Melbourne, beating the old mark of 79 set in 2006.

RECORD RAINS IN APALACHICOLA: The city on Florida’s northern Gulf Coast was swamped with 4.83 inches of rain on Tuesday, beating the previous single-day precipitation total of 4.74 inches set in 2003.

Rain is in the forecast for the Florida peninsula early next week as a front stalls over the northern part of the state, the National Weather Service said.


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