Florida may get socked with more than 7 inches of rain over next week, forecasters say

7 day precip

A very wet start to the rainy season appears to be in the cards for South Florida. (Credit: NOAA/ WPC)

The National Weather Service continues to bump up projected rainfall totals in South Florida as activity boils up in the Gulf of Mexico.

Friday morning’s graphical forecast from the Weather Prediction Center showed more than 7 inches of rain on tap over the next week for much of Central Florida, South Florida and the Keys.

The already stormy Gulf was sending showers and moderate rain over the Florida peninsula on Friday, and more moisture should get pumped into the western Gulf from remnants of Tropical Storm Beatriz this weekend.

Forecasters in Key West “a continuous supply of moisture coming from the Gulf of Mexico” over the next week with precipitation probabilities on the increase as we approach the middle of next week.

RECORD WATCH: Key West set another warm low temperature record Thursday with 83, a degree higher than the old mark set in 2010. Fort Lauderdale tied a warm minimum record with 80; and Melbourne tied a record warm low with 76.

Plant City, southeast of Tampa, had its warmest May on record, the National Weather Service said, with an average temperature of 80.8 degrees — 4 degrees above normal. Eight other Tampa-area locations had a top-10 warmest May. Four sites, including Tampa and Plant City, had top-10 warmest springs on record.

The meteorological spring runs from March 1-May 31.


Author: jnelander

Freelance writer and editor

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