Miami hits record high as Florida sizzles

Record highs

Miami hit a record high Sunday. (Credit: NWS-Miami)

Air conditioning or the beach — those were about the only two refuges from the heat in Florida this holiday weekend.

[UPDATE: The high in Miami Sunday was 98, the record for the date, the month, and the warmest temperature ever recorded outside the meteorological summer months of June, July and August.

It was 95 in Fort Lauderdale, 1 degree off the record high, and 93 in West Palm Beach, also a degree off the record high for the date. ]

At 3 p.m. it was 96 in Miami, and that was two hours after the official temperature at Miami International Airport had already set a record high for the date, and at least tied the record for the month. The previous daily record was 93 set in 1996.

The dew point was 62 degrees the relative humidity was 34 percent.

“With the east coast sea breeze having trouble moving inland, the east coast metro may rise another degree or two this afternoon,” forecasters said on the National Weather Service Facebook page at mid-afternoon.

But the only other Florida record temperature appeared to be in Key West, which on Saturday recorded a record warm low of 81, tying a mark set in 2009.

A wildfire in northern Broward County was causing smoky conditions around parts of South Florida, NWS-Miami reported.

Rain isn’t mentioned in the South Florida forecast until Wednesday night, when there’s a 20 percent chance of a shower, rising to around 40 percent Friday and Friday night.

Meanwhile, tropical activity picked up once again in the northeast Pacific, with an area of disturbed weather off the southern coast of Mexico. It was given a 40 percent chance of becoming a depression, or Tropical Storm Bret, over the next five days.


An area of disturbed weather — which could become Tropical Storm Bret — was forecast to move north over the next five days. Some forecast models suggested a turn toward the west or northwest after that. (Credit: NHC)


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