Pacific hurricane season on track for early start


The National Hurricane Center was watching Invest 90E for tropical development. (Credit: NOAA/ NHC)

It looks like we’re headed for an early start to the 2017 Northeast Pacific hurricane season, with one system already on the cusp of becoming a tropical depression or named storm.

This is about a week early, since the Pacific season officially starts on May 15.

On Tuesday morning, Invest 90E was at 8.1N 90W and was moving toward the northwest at around 5 mph. If winds reach 39 mph, it would get the name Tropical Storm Adrian.

Members of the GFS forecast ensemble show the storm curving east-northeast by the end of the week and crossing Central America south of the Yucatan Peninsula, with its remnants possibly emerging into the Caribbean in seven to 10 days.

However, none of the global forecast models seem to show the low actually surviving the crossing.

Satellite records only go back to 1970, but based on that Invest 90E could beat the record for earliest tropical depression in the basin. The earliest depression currently on the books was Tropical Storm Alma on May 12, 1990, according to Jeff Masters at Weather Underground’s Category 6 blog.

The National Hurricane Center in Miami was giving the system a 90 percent chance of becoming a depression or tropical storm by Friday.

The Atlantic season begins June 1.


Coolest Keys readings

Monday morning lows were still chilly, at least by Florida Keys standards. A steady warm-up is  underway this week, not only in the Keys but up and down the peninsula. (Credit: NWS-Key West)

RECORD WATCH: The cool weekend weather set records in some locations around the state. The low in Orlando on Sunday was 48, busting a 96-year-old record of 49 set in 1921. It was 50 in Vero Beach, beating the old mark of 52 set in 2013. Apalachicola set a record low Saturday with 48, beating the old record of 49 set in 2013.

Also on Saturday, the high temperature at Naples was 78, which tied the mark for the coolest high ever recorded on the date, last set in 2013.

Before the cold front came through on Friday, Key West set a record warm minimum temperature with 79 on Friday morning, beating the previous record of 77 set in 2009.


Hurricane preparedness NWS

GET READY: NOAA and the National Weather Service are promoting hurricane preparedness this week, with the “Hurricane Awareness Tour” arriving Friday at the Opa-locka Airport in Miami-Dade County. The public can tour hurricane hunter aircraft from 2:30-5:30 p.m.


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