Florida rainfall totals, post-cold front


(Image credit: NWS-Miami)

Rainfall totals varied widely around the Florida peninsula during the passage of Monday morning’s cold front.

The threat of severe weather ended but a wind advisory was in effect for South Florida. Winds were gusting up to 35 mph.

Miami reported the most official South Florida rainfall with 1.20. Other official totals included 0.58 of an inch in Fort Lauderdale; 0.31 of an inch at Palm Beach International Airport; and just 0.19 of an inch in Naples.

Unofficial totals: Palm Beach, 0.81 of an inch; Boynton Beach, 1.36 inches; Boca Raton, 1.18; Jupiter, 0.79; Royal Palm Beach, 0.67; Parkland, 0.87; Miramar, 0.90.

Key West reported no rain overnight but Marathon had 0.43 of an inch.

Central Florida: Cocoa Beach, 1.43 inches; St. Lucie, 0.25 of an inch; Orlando, 0.59; Daytona Beach, 0.44; Vero Beach, 0.06; Winter Haven, 0.62.

West Coast: Fort Myers; 0.48 of an inch; Tampa, 0.43; Sarasota, 0.17; St. Petersburg, 0.30.

North Florida: Gainesville, 0.35 of an inch; Jacksonville, 0.11.


Author: jnelander

Freelance writer and editor

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