Florida’s ultra-dry weather will likely continue into December, forecasters say


It looks like December will pick up where November leaves off, with abnormally dry conditions through the Florida peninsula. (Credit: NOAA/ CPC)

The unusually dry weather that has gripped South Florida during November is likely to continue as the new month begins next week.

As of Thursday, none of the major reporting stations in Florida had surpassed the inch mark for precipitation, with South Florida overall about 2 inches shy of normal.

Palm Beach International Airport was almost 3 inches short of its average November rainfall, with 0.97 of an inch falling all month. It would be much worse had it not been for the hefty 0.72 of an inch that fell on Nov. 5, and the only other day with measurable rainfall was two days earlier on Nov. 3.

PBIA has not had measurable precipitation since Nov. 6.

Conditions have been even drier in Miami, where just 0.88 of an inch of rain has fallen this month. Fort Lauderdale has measured 0.90 of an inch so far in November but South Florida weather has been the driest at Naples, which has recorded no measurable rain at all.

The Treasure Coast hasn’t fared much better. Vero Beach is dealing with about a third of an inch total this month, 2.34 inches below average. Fort Pierce is at 0.40 of an inch; Melbourne has registered only 0.12 of an inch and in inland Central Florida, Orlando has only been able to muster 0.02 of an inch of precipitation.

Ditto for the West Coast. Tampa and Sarasota have measured 0.01 of an inch of rain in November, while Lakeland and Fort Myers have been skunked.

Other Florida cities with no measurable November precipitation include Tallahassee and Panama City, while Jacksonville and Gainesville reported a scant 0.02 of an inch each through Thursday.

Dry weather is typical of a La Niña pattern in Florida, and it looks like it’s taking firm control as we head into the winter months.

Temperatures have been running close to normal north and south, and that also looks likely to continue, according to forecasters, with perhaps a slight uptick to above normal as we slide into December.

All in all, it’s weather that the tourists love — with plenty of good beach days on the horizon. But the lack of rain will eventually become a concern to agricultural interests and local residents who are trying to keep their water bills down.


Author: jnelander

Freelance writer and editor

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