October was third-warmest on record worldwide


The global temperature map was — once again — awash in red with the exception of Asia, Australia and western Canada. (Credit: NOAA/ NCEI)

October was the third-warmest on record worldwide behind 2013 and 2014, NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information reported Thursday. The analysis took into account both land and sea temperatures.

It was also the third-warmest October in the U.S. October was above normal around most of the Florida peninsula.

Africa was also a hot spot, but Asia and Australia bucked the trend with cooler than normal temperatures. In Europe, Finland had its driest October since records began in 1900.

The slightly cooler October weather in some spots (relative to 2014 and 2015) can be attributed to the La Niña event taking hold in the tropical Pacific, according to Jeff Masters at Weather Underground.

No land areas around the globe have been cooler than average for the year-to-date, Masters said, and he added: “Barring an asteroid impact or the largest volcanic eruption in human history sometime in the next month, it is almost certain that 2016 will end up as the warmest year on record for the planet, giving us three consecutive warmest years on record.”



The area of disturbed weather in the Caribbean hasn’t moved much over the past few days. (Credit: NHC)

Chances that we’ll get Tropical Storm Otto out of the mess in the Caribbean are diminishing. National Hurricane Center forecasters slashed development chances to 10 percent over two days and 60 percent over five days.

Forecast models that do develop Invest 90L are still showing it moving west into Central America.


Projected post-cold front lows on Monday morning around Florida: Gainesville, 35; Tallahassee, 32 (where a light freeze is possible Monday morning and Tuesday morning); Tampa, 45; Sebring, 43; Jupiter, 62; Florida City, 59; Marathon, 67; Key West, 69.

A slow warm-up is expected as we approach Thanksgiving Day, with continued dry conditions.



Author: jnelander

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