Dry November forecast for Florida; October exits with above average temps

The first full month of autumn ended on the warm side in most of Florida, and October was the eighth straight month in West Palm Beach with above normal temperatures.

Palm Beach International Airport had an overall temperature of 80.1 degrees, 1.8 degrees above normal. The average high was 85 and the average low was 75.

That made it the warmest October since 2007, which came in at 80.6 degrees. Miami finished up at 81 degrees, 1.1 above normal. Fort Lauderale was the South Florida outlier at 80.1 degrees, a half-degree below normal for the month.

At 79.3 degrees, Naples was 0.8 degrees above average for October.

Despite some early rainfall from Hurricane Matthew, PBIA had a precipitation shortfall of 0.76 of an inch, with an October total of 4.37 inches.

Central Florida was also warmer than average in October, with rainfall surpluses from its closer encounter with Hurricane Matthew. Melbourne racked up 6.32 inches, 1.26 inches over average for the month.

Vero Beach, though, despite a 3.52-inch soaking from Matthew, ended the month with a 0.76-inch precipitation deficit.

Farther north, where the hurricane edged closest to the coast, Daytona Beach registered almost 8 inches of rainfall for the month, 3.76 inches over average. Daytona was hammered with 7.36 inches of rain from Matthew.

On Florida’s West Coast, Tampa ended October on the dry side but with temperatures almost 2 degrees above normal.


November could be dry for most of the Southeastern U.S. (Credit: NOAA/ CPC)

NOVEMBER OUTLOOK: Normal highs fall from 82 on Nov. 1 to 78 on Nov. 30; and normal lows drop from 68 degrees to 63 degrees.

The hottest it’s ever been in West Palm Beach in November is 92, highs that occurred on Nov. 2-3, 1919. The coldest is 36, which occurred three times on Nov. 25, 1917; Nov. 26, 1950 and Nov. 28, 1903.

Normal precipitation for the month is 4.75 inches.

NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center released its November forecast Monday, calling for below-average precipitation in Florida for the month.

Although most of the country should see above-normal temperatures in November, according to the CPC, Florida remained in coin-flip territory with equal chances of above or below average temperatures.

THANKSGIVING FORECAST: AccuWeather, whose forecasters peer 90 days into the future to come up with specific forecasts, is predicting a Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 24) high of 81 and a low of 68 with a chance of a shower or thunderstorm.

If you’re trying to get into the holiday spirit early, visit any one of several South Florida retail outlets, which have had Christmas decorations for sale since well before Halloween.

Or, mull over the AccuWeather forecast for Christmas Day: 79 and 63 with mostly cloudy skies; and for New Year’s Eve: a low of 59 with showers. New Year’s Day: 77 and 59 with clouds and a possible shower.


Author: jnelander

Freelance writer and editor

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