Fall arrives in Florida, driving lows into 50s and 60s


The cold front made it all the way into Cuba, as the morning satellite image shows. The Sunday morning temperature in Havana was 63. (Credit: NOAA)

Sunday’s low in West Palm Beach was 61 degrees — a refreshingly cool fall morning for South Florida but well off the record low of 47 set in 1923.

It was 52 in Belle Glade and 50 around the Lake Okeechobee area. It was 47 in inland Collier County.

In North Florida, it was 41 in Ocala and 45 in Gainesville, and generally in the low 40s in the panhandle. The Keys were the hot spot with temperatures still in the low 70s.

With winds swinging around to the east today, lows this week will be in the low 70s with highs in the low 80s in South Florida as well as on the Treasure Coast.

National Weather Service forecasters are predicting “somewhat gloomy” conditions by week’s end as winds turn northeast, bringing in more cloud cover.


The National Hurricane Center in Miami is predicting no tropical threats over the next five days, but forecast models suggest that something may brew up in the Caribbean next weekend and into the first week of November. (Credit: NHC)

Meanwhile, global forecast models have been consistent in predicting a low developing in the Caribbean early next week. The GFS has it moving into the Gulf of Mexico and then meandering during the first week of November, while the European (ECMWF) has it developing more slowly, with a weak low south of the western tip of Cuba at day 10.

The Navy model shows it threading the needle between western Cuba and Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula at day 10, while the Canadian revs it up and has it smacking Central Cuba a week from Wednesday before moving into the Central Bahamas.

None of the models show a threat to Florida, but scenarios can and will change this far out — and assuming the low actually does develop.

Despite forecast development for Invest 99L, the system sputtered out as it moved north late last week.


Author: jnelander

Freelance writer and editor

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