More unusually hot weather on tap for Florida in October, forecasters say


Climate Prediction Center forecasters are seeing red in their October forecast. (Credit: NOAA/ CPC)

Long-range October forecasts for Florida and most of the U.S. Southeast are awash in red — not a pretty picture for heat-weary South Florida, which hasn’t seen a near-normal monthly temperature since May.

July and August were the hottest on record, the summer tied for the hottest on record, and September is burning down the road in concert with its predecessors. Saturday’s high was 93 in West Palm Beach, the fourth day in a row at 90 or hotter and the 11th day this month with a high of at least 90.

In fact, although May was only slightly above average, you have to go back to February to find a month significantly below average.

September temperatures are also running ahead — but only slightly — in Miami in Naples, while Fort Lauderdale has been slightly below normal this month.

In addition, West Palm Beach has slipped to 2.27 inches below the normal rainfall for this point in the month, historically one of the wettest along with June. Only 2.56 inches have fallen at Palm Beach International Airport since Sept. 1.

Miami is even deeper in the hole, with just 1.68 inches of rain all month — a 3.85-inch shortfall. Fort Lauderdale is 3.17 inches below average, but Naples is only a third of an inch down.

Most locations on the East Coast of Central Florida are running above average this month, thanks to getting clipped by Tropical Storm Julia.

The new long-range forecasts, issued by NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center on Thursday and Friday, show unusual warmth in most of the U.S. during October. Ditto for late September.

NOAA forecasters hedged their bets on their precipitation forecasts for October, citing equal chances for above normal, below normal or normal rainfall.


Author: jnelander

Freelance writer and editor

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