Tropical Storm Julia forms near Northeast Florida coast


Newly formed Tropical Storm Julia was dropping heavy rain in North Florida and Central Florida, but South Florida was mostly dry. (Credit: NOAA)

Tropical Storm Julia — the same system that blew up convection off-shore Palm Beach on Monday night and early Tuesday morning before sliding north along Florida’s East Coast — formed at 11 p.m., the National Hurricane Center said.

The 10th named storm of the year dropped heavy rain in Central and North Florida, including 3.41 inches in Melbourne and 2.43 inches in Delray Beach.

Despite its proximity to South Florida earlier in the day, not much precipitation fell. Palm Beach International Airport reported a 0.02 of an inch sprinkling, Fort Lauderdale had 0.29 of an inch, while Miami remained dry. Palm Beach also reported no rain.

The forecast is for Julia is to move into South Georgia, and forecast models show it possibly heading up the East Coast of the Carolinas. It had 40 mph sustained winds — minimum for a tropical storm. Strengthening was not expected.

Advisories were set to begin at 11 p.m., the NHC said in a special statement.


Author: jnelander

Freelance writer and editor

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