Florida low pressure system ramping up, NHC says


A low pressure system that has been drifting north off the Florida coast is blowing up convection and triggering tropical storm force winds , the National Hurricane Center said. (Credit: NOAA)

UPDATE: In a special statement, the NHC said it would not initiate advisories on the northwest of Daytona Beach for the 5 PM advisory.


ORIGINAL POST: Tropical weather is hammering the Florida peninsula, especially Central and North Florida.

Advisories may be issued later today for Invest 93L, the system that passed just off-shore of Palm Beach on Monday night and Tuesday morning, the National Hurricane Center said this afternoon. Forecasters said it was already “very close” to becoming a tropical depression or storm as it blows up bursts of convection near Daytona Beach.

They gave it a 40 percent chance of development as it moves north-northwest.

Gusty winds and heavy rainfall were in the forecast for Central Florida. Showers and thunderstorms were popping up today over South Florida, but Palm Beach International Airport reported just 0.01 of an inch of rain at 2 p.m. No rain has been reported in Palm Beach.


Author: jnelander

Freelance writer and editor

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